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Tanker truck urban traffic with the car braking techniques

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-20

China Foton Auman fuel tank truck

Foton Auman fuel tank truck

City traffic especially morning and evening peak time, basically with the car in running state, this time need to use the brakes frequently, skilled tanker driver allows smooth starting and braking are no strong sense of pushing back or nod sense . In theory this should keep the necessary distance between vehicles, but this country see the seam on the plug on the need to maintain the culture of the body or a shorter distance from the vehicle, which the driver's braking techniques put forward higher requirements.

Fuel tank truck prices

This technique is a reasonable time: based on reasonable road to reduce speed when found in front of the car began to brake (brake lights) will foot on the brake pedal, even afterburner, smooth deceleration to the vehicle in front basically the same speed, keeping the brakes pedal position and speed of the vehicle in front and then observe the change, adjustment braking force. If the speed of the vehicle in front is no longer declining, then it can slowly release the brake pedal and accelerate forward, continue to maintain the same speed with the car and the vehicle in front smoothly.