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Tanker truck manufacturers interpret the basic parameters of the engine for you

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-20

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Fuel tank trailer manufacturer

The basic parameters of the engine including tanker number of engine cylinders are arranged in the form of cylinders, valves, displacement, maximum output power, maximum torque.

Number of cylinders: Number of common automobile engine cylinder has 3,4,5,6,8-cylinder engine displacement of 1 liter or less commonly used 3-cylinder, 2.5 l four-cylinder engine is generally, about 3 liters of 6-cylinder engines generally. 4 liters 8-cylinder 5.5 liters with a 12-cylinder engine in general, in the same bore, the cylinder number, the greater the displacement, the higher power; in the same displacement, the number of cylinders multiple, smaller bore, the speed can be increased, resulting in a larger increase power.

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Arranged in the form of cylinders: Usually less than 5-cylinder engine uses more cylinders arranged in-line, six-cylinder engine also has a small number of in-line mode cylinder inline engine body into lined, simple cylinder block, cylinder head and crank structure, manufacturing cost. low, low-speed torque characteristics of a good, low fuel consumption, compact size, broader application, the disadvantage is lower power. inline 6-cylinder balancing better vibration is relatively small. most of 6-12-cylinder engine with V-shaped arrangement, V shaped cylinder that is divided four staggered arranged at an angle, body compact, small V-shaped engine length and height dimensions, arrangement very convenient .V8 engine structure is very complex, high manufacturing costs, so the less used, V12 engine too big too heavy only a very few limousine use.

Number of valves: Domestic engine mostly uses two valves per cylinder, ie one intake valve, an exhaust valve; commonly used foreign car engine 4 valves per cylinder structure in which two intake valves and two exhaust valves, increased feed exhaust efficiency; some foreign companies began to use 5-valve per cylinder structure that three intake valves and two exhaust valves, the main role is to increase the amount of intake air, combustion is more complete valve amount is not more. more the better, 5-valve can indeed improve intake efficiency, but the structure is extremely complex, difficult process, use less.

Displacement: cylinder working volume refers to the piston top dead point from the lower dead point to the gas volume swept, also known as single-cylinder displacement, which depends on the bore and stroke of the piston of each cylinder engine displacement is the volume of work. sum, generally used for liter (l) to represent the engine displacement is one of the most important structural parameters, and the cylinder bore than the number of more representative of the size of the engine, the engine of many of the indicators are closely associated with displacement.

The maximum output power: the maximum output power is generally horse (ps) or kilowatts (kw) output power to represent the great relationship with the rotational speed of the engine as the speed increases, the engine power is also a corresponding increase, but to a certain speed in the future. power but declining general instructions for use in the car with the highest output power rpm to represent (r / min), as 100ps / 5000r / min, that is, when 5000 revolutions per minute maximum output power of 100 horsepower.

Maximum torque: torque output from the engine crankshaft end, the representation of the torque is Nm / r / min, maximum torque generally appear in the medium and low speed range of the engine, as the speed increases, the torque but will of course fall in. while selecting to weigh how the rational use, do not waste the existing function, for example, it has the necessary winter open air, in the choice of engine power must take into account not too small;. only car on the city ring road, it is not necessary to pick excessive horsepower engine. as far as possible the economic, reasonable matching engine