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Tanker missing maintenance item

  • Author:changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-14
A very important part of the tank car is each driver will be directly facing the instrument panel, it will directly affect the degree of cleanliness of the car ride to the overall effect of the internal environment of the visual perception. Because of the complex structure of the corners, it is difficult to clean all kinds of switch instruments etc.. You pay little attention to the dashboard will find, only with a cloth and sponge to clean the site rarely, the Gou Gou kankam place need "special tool", the circumstances of their own design "special tool" can come in handy, with a variety of different thickness of wood, or ruler sub, the head repaired oblique triangular, rectangular or pointed, different style, and then wrap it in a clean cloth cleaning Gougou timely is the best, but the, both to improve the cleaning effect, and will not cause the cleaned parts of the injury.
The tanker inside the most easy to get dirty is carpet, if use a vacuum cleaner brush head for cleaning processing, you can make a dirty carpet looks not so dirty. For a more dirty carpet, you can only use a special detergent. General in detergent before to the dust, and then sprayed the right amount of detergent, scrub clean with a brush, finally with a clean cloth excess detergent wipe, can make after washing the carpet is clean and just the same as before so soft. Most in need of attention is the carpet not completely into the water soaking scrub, on the one hand will damage inside the carpet several layers of different material bonding, on the other hand will make the carpet in a long period of time cannot be dry and the effect caused by car in the wet.
Car brake maintenance
Brake system of the car brake system is focused on the amount of brake fluid, to confirm whether the reference line to the storage tank. Brake fluid than the previous examination of a large number of reduction, the possibility of failure is very large. Tank car brake pipeline leakage also need to pay close attention to, manual car is equipped with a clutch, which also need to pay attention to the amount of liquid, if reduce the amount of fluid into the air, was unable to stop. Therefore, the car brake system maintenance is the most attention to the brake fluid, if the liquid volume is insufficient, so that the air into the tank car brake will become less sensitive. In addition, but also to check the clutch, try to step on the pedal, check the intermittent point, poor contact or accurate deviation from the need to repair.