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Tanker manufacturers to resolve the role of oil tanker European standard system

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-05-02

Contact with the tanker, all know the European standard, the European standard includes a full set of oil and gas recovery valve, oil and gas recovery joints, submarine valve submarine valve, download valve, anti-overflow probe, the European standard cans, Tanker manufacturers with you in-depth understanding of the role of a full set of European standard device.

Dongfeng 2.2m3 fuel tank truck

1. Oil and gas recovery valve:

Oil and gas recovery valve is installed in the loading and unloading of oil produced by the oil and gas recovery of a device, which can be installed in the top of the tank can also be installed in the manhole cover, through the putter and submarine valve to achieve mechanical linkage to open, but also by The oil and gas recovery valve can be dissolved in the fuel oil and oil generated when the oil and gas are all recovered to the tank, to avoid oil and gas leakage, and through other oil and gas recovery device for oil and gas after re-use to express the use of energy saving and environmental protection the goal of.

2. Oil and gas recovery joints:

Oil and gas recovery joint oil and gas recovery system by the fire breathing valve, pipe flame arrester, three-way float valve, oil and gas recovery joints, oil and gas recovery quick connector and other components, and tanker oil and gas recovery system to form a closed circulation system, Oil and gas in the process of oil and gas recovery and reuse, to avoid the oil and gas diffusion.

3. Seabed valve subsea valve:

The name of the submarine valve has many, such as pneumatic valve, pneumatic submarine valve, emergency valve, emergency shut-off valve; installed in the bottom of the tank, the use of loading and unloading, easy to operate, the festival, safe and environmentally friendly. Pressure balance subsea valve for multi-warehouse tanker, can be a separate oil tanker loading and unloading. Three-way design to simplify the pipeline, reduce the load, easy to operate simple, safe and reliable.

4. Download valve:

The unloading valve, also known as unloading valve, installed in the tank side of the tank, the function is a quick unloading.

5. Anti-overflow probe:

Its role is to prevent the liquid full of leakage, and advance the alarm, installed in the top of the container cans on the hole, when the oil level to the alarm position, the sensor will automatically alarm off.

6. European standard jar:

European standard cans, also known as manhole cover, installed in the top of the tank, with built-in breathing and emergency row of energy, and in the manhole cover to install oil and gas recovery valve, oil hole, anti-overflow probe, anti- System in the process of loading oil, when the liquid level to reach the detection position, the sensor system will automatically alarm, and thus stop the oil. Built-in breathing valve to keep the internal pressure in the oil tank during the oil pressure, with the external pressure to balance the dumping to prevent overflow design so that the tanker in the event of an accident to keep the seal, emergency exhaust device in the tank pressure A sharp increase in the case, will automatically open, release the tank pressure, so as to prevent the occurrence of accidents, greatly improving the safety of oil transport.