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Tanker maintenance these small details must pay attention!

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-04-27

Tanker is a dangerous goods transport vehicles, so the tank after the production of precision testing will be carried out after the normal use of put into use, and the quality is also quite reliable. In addition, the daily maintenance of the vehicle is also no vague, we must always pay attention to the following points:

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1, the use and maintenance of the pump, please strictly follow the use of maintenance instructions, the car is equipped with instructions.

2, the oil is slow, can not hit the oil, please check the safety valve, filter net. These should always be checked and cleaned.

3, the use and maintenance of the tanker, please follow the instructions in strict accordance with the implementation of the car are equipped with instructions.

4, carrying the running part of the tank, the popular argument is the car chassis. The general driver of this one more expert, the problem is the oil tanker installed after the pump from the engine to force the installation of the drive shaft, take the device, with these two devices we need special attention in the operation, improper operation The device was scrapped.

5, oil loading should not exceed the rated loading quality. (In terms of fuel density).

6, tank and piping system should be cleaned regularly. Regularly check whether the joints of the piping system are well connected and sealed.

7, in order to ensure that the tank clean, oil tank and oil system should be regularly cleaned, oil hose at both ends of the internal and external joints should always be coated with lubricants, easy and easy disassembly. After each operation of the tubing, should be covered in time, the export of the outer cover (cover), oil hose at both ends (plug) to ensure that the tube clean.

8, should keep the breathing valve clean, so that the breathing valve in working condition, the valve spring can not be replaced, so as not to affect the suction, deflated effect. When the breathing valve is blocked, there is a risk of deformation of the tank.

9, the ball through the medium of the media should not be too dirty to protect the seal ring to improve the service life of the ball valve, the ball should not be long in a semi-closed half of the state of work, or easy to make the seal ring metamorphosis, in the drive the ball valve handle should be Disabled.

10, into the pump network should always wash and wash, to prevent the oil plugging filter, affecting the flow.

11, before the refueling operation, you must use the rod to insert the wet land, take the tape should be grounded, the operation process should always maintain a good static electricity.

12, before leaving the vehicle fire extinguisher device, fuel truck users should be familiar with the use of fire extinguishers, and according to their instructions for inspection and maintenance.

13, tanker operation, should check whether the pipeline system oil spills, ground wire is broken, the exhaust pipe is damaged, found that the problem should first solve the re-operation.

14, the amount of oil should be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions. In the winter, the self-priming pump, if water must be drained, to prevent freezing the pump body.

15, in order to prevent the oil vehicle fire accident, in the exhaust pipe, muffler damage, pipeline oil leakage, bad conductor or broken when the metal objects are not allowed to beat the parts on the oil truck, so as not to produce Mars, Should be ready at any time fire equipment.

16, when the need to enter the tank work, should pay attention to good ventilation, the tank should be someone to protect. When necessary, wash the tank with soap and water after the operation.

17, if the tank under the sedimentation tank freeze, not with fire baking, can be used to melt the steam or the car into the greenhouse is thawed.