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Tanker bottom oil loading system

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-02-07

What is the bottom oil loading system of fuel truck? The tank bottom oil filling also be called the bottom oil loading system. The main parts of the bottom tank are the exhaust gas recovery system, the anti-spill system, the subsea valve, the European standard tank, the control head , SO2 socket, anti-static system, the bottom canned joints. Our main raw
process is the main processes are: steam purging, washing wipe tank; cutting set tank, installation of submarine valve; installation of oil system; installation of gas phase circuit; dressing closed city manhole cover; Dense, kerosene leak test.

1, submarine valve

Underwater valve, also known as emergency shut-off valve, installed in the bottom of the tank, the use of fuel under the loading, easy to operate, when section, safety and environmental protection.

Pressure-balanced subsea valves are used for multi-tank tankers, allowing separate loading and unloading of different tanks. Three-way design to simplify the pipeline to reduce the load, simple operation, safe and reliable.

Pneumatic cut-off valve installed in the bottom of the tank tank can be carried out under the refueling, the valve internal pressure is small, large flow, the valve flange side cut off the tank in the tank accident, due to broken tank can not be carried Large impulse, the body of the pipeline and the tank will automatically disconnect, and automatically on the plunger and durable springs will remain sealed, the tank will not leak media, thus ensuring tank safety. When no gas source or other reasons can not be opened, the cylinder piston rod can be folded, manually open.

2, oil and gas recovery valve

Oil and gas recovery valve is the oil and gas generated during the loading and unloading of oil and gas recovery of a device can be installed directly on top of the tank and can also be installed in the manhole cover can be a putter and the bottom of the bottom of the tank Valve to achieve mechanical linkage open, can also be controlled by the air source of its opening and closing.

The oil and gas recovery valve can recover all the oil and gas generated by the oil volatilization during loading and unloading to the oil tank in the reservoir area to avoid the leakage of oil and gas and to condensate and recycle the oil and gas through other oil and gas recovery devices so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.

3, oil and gas recovery joints

The oil and gas recovery system consists of fire exhalation valve, pipeline flame arrester, three-way float valve, oil and gas recovery joint, oil and gas recovery quick joint and so on, and tank gas recovery system to form a closed circulatory system, Oil refueling process in the recovery and reuse of oil and gas, to avoid the spread of oil and gas.

4, the lower valve

Bottom of the valve, also known as unloading valve, installed in the tanker side, for fast unloading. Front-end interface in line with the United States API Rp1004 standard, easy to unload the hose hose head connection. Hydrodynamic design of the internal structure, in a large flow to the internal pressure can be reduced to a minimum. Exports using flat structure, the joint demolition without oil leakage, safe and reliable. Quick release oil hose connector with inclined 70 degree design, convenient hose connection, and effectively improve the service life of the hose.

5, anti-overflow probe

Uses: anti-overflow electronic sensors are widely used in various types of containers in a closed tank filled liquid, to prevent leakage of liquid leaks and a warning in advance of the security device, which is installed in the top of the container cans manhole cover, when the oil When the bit reaches the warning limit, the sensor will alarm automatically.

6, the European standard manhole cover of fuel tank truck

Also known as manhole cover, installed in the tank top, with built-in breathing and emergency exhaust function, and can be installed in the manhole cover oil and gas recovery valve, the amount of oil holes, anti-overflow probe rod, anti-overflow sensor system During the loading process, when the liquid level reaches the detection position, the sensing system will automatically alarm to stop the oil loading. Built-in breathing valve to the oil tank in the course of the internal pressure to maintain stability, with the external pressure balance, the design of the dumping to prevent overflow to the tanker in the event of an accident to keep sealed, emergency exhaust device in the tank pressure A sharp rise in the case, will automatically open, the release of tank pressure, thus preventing accidents, greatly improving the security of oil.