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Tanker appearing five kinds of brake circumstances needs timely maintenance

  • Author:changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-02
fuel tank truck brake system can be said to be the top priority of tanker safety, determine a car's safety depends first and foremost thought is this car's braking distance is the number of brake thermal recession performance. Once the tanker brake system is a problem, it means that motorist there are security risks. When you encounter the following problems while driving, you should pay attention, because this is not just related to their own safety but also to the pedestrians, public facilities, building safety. 

Chang jie fuel tank truck
Chang Jie tanker trailer

1, when the brake abnormal sound
The brakes brake abnormal sound is mainly reflected in the liberation tanker driving, the brake system will be issued sharp sound of metal friction (very harsh), which may be due to thinning brakes, brake pads of inferior quality, the film Brake foreign body brakes or rust as a result of, in general, more than step on the brake abnormal sound kicks will be eased.
2, the brake pedal stroke becomes longer
Simple point can be understood as the brakes are soft. The main brake stroke becomes long because the brake system into the air, the lack of brake fluid may leak, brake pad wear and serious.
3, brake deviation
Brake deviation phenomenon is not very common mainly in the steering wheel when the brakes have significant deflection to one side, leading to this phenomenon may be due to the partial brake pads wear, brake cylinder have problems.
4, brake hard
Many drivers will encounter the brakes hard problems, mainly due to a hardened brake booster vacuum brake failure resulting in no power, frequently step on the rear brake caused by lead.
5, when the brakes rebound
Many owners have come across such a situation. When the brakes the brake pedal rebound phenomenon top of the foot, this phenomenon is more for the discs, brake pads uneven surface, steel deformed as a result. All in all, the brake system has many problems, when problems arise do not repair, it relates to the safety of our property, it is best to do your own investigation confirmed briefly serious problem is not serious, we can not continue with the repair shop . When choosing the repair shop try to find word of mouth, good technical repair shop for maintenance.