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Tank truck body routine maintenance tips

  • Author:changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-12
The so-called tank truck conservation mainly for real-time task to replace the tank, tanker, refueling guns, pumps, tires, engine surface, lubrication and other wearing parts, referred tanker maintenance. Its main purpose is to ensure the technical condition and appearance of the vehicle body, and actively prevent premature degradation of vehicle time and prolong life. 
3 cubic tanker truck
1. When cleaning the vehicle, to avoid the storm Kusakabe cleaning at a high temperature because the sudden contact with the cold water tank is easy to speed up the paint finish damage, should also be noted that the water rinse after use of cleaning agents to avoid so as not to wash cleaning agent is dried and leave marks. The usual vehicle washing yourself, use special detergents and neutral running water should not be used large alkaline detergent, soap and detergent behind to prevent wash grease paint, paint accelerated aging.
    2. minimize body electrostatic adsorption of dust; use tank truck before, during and after, time to remove dust on the tanker and tank, to avoid corrosion accelerate oxidation.
    3. Clear time high corrosive traces (such as bird droppings, insects, mud, etc.), time to clear. Try to use cleaning detergents, can not eliminate the use of gasoline, because of this risk factor is very high tank, believe it may be a security risk. 
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    4. concentration rain acidic substances will generally increase indirect, rain rain stains vehicle body will be gradually reduced, as soon as possible if you do not rinse with water stains over time will damage the finish of rain, so rain wash time.
    5. Cleaning vehicles should follow the flow direction from top to bottom gently wipe, wipe horizontally and should circle. Try cleaning the vehicle with a soft sponge or a vehicle, to prevent adhesions in a dry cloth, dry towel, sponge on dry sand, metal particles scratch the paint to the vehicle leaving a scar.