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Tank fire tank can not be bigger!

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-30

China fire truck factory price

China fire truck factory price

Tank fire fire truck is a common type of material used to extinguish fires in general, a lot of fire when customers will require as much as possible given the car will be bigger tank volume, in order to put out the fire when to install some more water, this fire engine manufacturers reminder: tank volume tank fire can not blindly expand!

Fire engine manufacturers in the design and production of tank fire, when, according to the corresponding car chassis, do the corresponding tank, in general, can be divided into tank fire tank tank concealed and exposed tanks are two types of tanks concealed the name suggests is hidden in the truck tank equipment inside the box, this time the tank fire designed like a "return", the middle tank, surrounded by water tank mounted various equipment boxes, fire pumps, greenhouses, etc., and exposed the tank fire like our characters, "head" in the middle part of the tank, and all the fire equipment and fire pumps and other objects can only be installed the two tanks, the case of the same wheelbase, exposed the tank fire tank fire than Enclosed to fit more 1-2 tons of water.

When the tank volume big blind, fire equipment installation space will be greatly compressed, in this case, fire equipment can only be installed tanks front of the fire when the firemen will be more inconvenient, and even adversely affected by aircraft, at the same time, because the tank volume is too large, the fire truck engines rushed to the site, the speed is usually fast, the water tank body have great inertia in the event of an emergency situation the driver brakes very easy it will lead to tank fire and Tasikmalaya rollover accident occurred.