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Take good care of the tank of the bulk feed truck to reduce rusting

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-02

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As bulk feed truck would go through a variety of different environments and the feed transport tank is contacted by kinds of feeds, the surfaces of bulk feed truck had been made a certain amount of anti-rust treatment. But this does not mean that we are free to use during using.On the contrary,taking care during using it can greatly increase the service life of bulk feed truck .

In some inevitable situation,bulk feed truck might drive on the road with bad conditions, and it's spring now,a rainy season in some local place. The underbody of the car or the floor inside are more likely to accumulate moisture.Long-term wet weather would make moisture hidden in some places of the car. So always check the humidity under the cover in the car,such as carpet and some other textiles, and to prevent floor component from rusting.

If the rust is not very serious, we drivers can solve the problems by ourselves.You can use the fine waterproof abrasive paper,after making it a little wet,to gently rub off the rust. Do not casually rub as what you want, but do it in the same direction of the linear rubbing. After you finish the rubbing and wipping,just spray a layer of primer. If it is the latest scratch,you can directly spray a layer of primer after you wipe it clearlly.Then you can use waterproof abrasive paper to rub it to be polished.If you do not have the original paint,you can just use a paint pen, which can deal with some minor scratches. If the scrathed are too prominent or large area,the the best choice is the car beauty shop.

Usually,the surface of the bulk feed truck would have been some unexpected situation,such as collision, scratches,and etc.Some pebbles bounced by tire can cause scratches and make the paint fallen.If just leave it there without any treatment for a long time,then there will be born rust.And these places are relatively modest, so the car should be regularly checked.