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Swing arm garbage truck and hook arm garbage truck distinction

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-06
  Swing arm garbage truck and hook arm garbage truck in car handling characteristics in different ways: swing arm garbage truck through left and right arms shipment nationwide swing arm garbage bucket, a bucket, dump capability, safety, reliability, garbage buckets into swing arm type and pit two kinds.
Swing arm garbage
  Hook arm type garbage car also called car can unloading type garbage car, this car of box part is by hydraulic control system to control, in weekday in can will car garbage box placed to all garbage collection station, stay garbage collection full Hou, the car can directly marched to garbage station, through hydraulic system of control, can will garbage car Hou seat Shang added loaded of hook arm down, hanging live station within garbage box front-end of connection points, will garbage box pulled to body of Hou seat Shang, at can started vehicles, will garbage transport to garbage processing station within, for since unloading type dumping. The main advantage of the car is more than a car, a car will be able to maintain the operation of a refuse collection point, high efficiency, and the box is sealed, it will not cause secondary pollution.
hook arm garbage truck
  Although two species vehicles Basic uses as, but Dang also using with a paragraph vehicles chassis Shi, both of load volume is not as, hook arm type garbage car of load volume will than pendulum arm type garbage heavy 2 tons around, because hook arm type garbage car of arm not like pendulum arm type as accounted for space, so load volume more big some. but hook arm type garbage car price also will than la arm type garbage Che Gui to some.