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Sweeper truck sweeping brush using tips

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-21

The main reason for the breakage of the sweeping brush is that the road sweeper truck is caused by improper use in the course of operation, and the garbage sweeping truck is moved forward at a sweeping speed when the sweeping operation is performed, and the brushing and tilting installation causes the friction between the brush and the ground to become Intermittent friction, it can be extended so that the brush can be made during the operation of the heat reduction and better heat dissipation, the success of the brush to reduce the damage.But the angle of the size of the brush to brush damage will have an impact , The tilt angle is too large or too small may increase the damage to the brush, so the sanitation sweeper driver friends in the tilt when the brush should also pay attention to the angle of tilt, for this professional question can consult our Hubei Chang Jie Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. Sales Department, Sales Hotline: +86-13886881673, the size of the tilt angle and sweeping the car sweep replacement problem we can help you solve!

It is necessary to choose a suitable angle of the brush is very necessary.At the same time the brush to a certain phase rotation to match the speed of rotation , Then brush the brush on the absolute speed on the ground is the vehicle cleaning speed and sweep brush rotation speed of the dot line when the synthesis rate. In fact, the direction and magnitude of the absolute velocity at each sweep brushing point is constantly changing. If it is assumed that the sweeping car is traveling straight in a certain direction, the direction and magnitude of the absolute velocity The period of the absolute speed direction and magnitude of the sweep brush at the ground contact point is cyclically changed.

The above method, if your road sweeper work every day, Hubei Chang Jie manufacturers recommend brush can be used directly for half a year or even six months, so you buy the cost of the material will be saved, but also to reduce the waste of resources Out of a force.