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Sweeper truck manufacturers: solve vehicle failures need experiences but can't partially believe

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-12

Sweeper truck manufacturers: car problems to empirically but not biased
Tire abnormal sound
In general, when driving, the tires normal sound more smooth and supple, the lower the volume. If the rhythmic "Kaka" or "whining" sound, the volume is large, it probably is a problem.
Possible causes: Tire tread deformation, from the package, or badly worn tire pressure is not within the standard range, are likely to lead to the tire radial runout occur in the car driving process, the emergence of non-normal noise. You need to replace the tires or adjust tire pressure. Instead of the usual driving, you should always check the tire condition.
To empirically but not biased
Sound is a measure of automobile "healthy" or not is a very important way. But the sound of different brands, different car issue is not the same, so the failure to determine the sound up fully one hundred percent rule of thumb, your brain how much sound information stored in the end, after the sound come out if you can store in your brain through sound judgment immediately this is where the sound out?
Like doctors will diagnose an error, as if the driver or a mechanic who is very experienced, with his voice to judge sometimes I error. Therefore, we recommend that you after the adoption of sound judgment, must be timely repair, to find out the real cause of abnormal, do not pander to diagnose ear made.