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Summer use fuel tank truck to note what

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-21

Dongfeng fuel tank truck for sale

Dongfeng oil fuel tank truck for sale

"Today the maximum temperature will reach 38 degrees Celsius, the weather is so hot now, how to do in case of an explosion." Master Li side to side acceleration, ride stopped in front of the tanker. After explaining to the driver, the police immediately.

Tanker driver also frightened, if not Master Li reminded, I really do not know my car at the oil spill, the car filled with 28 tons of gasoline starting from Wenzhou, ready to go to Lianyungang depot 5 km away. He knew that after the leak of gasoline mixed with air, it is easy to form an explosive mixture

With the help of Master Li, the driver parked the car, around the cordoned off the car, waiting for rescue.

Receiving the alarm, fire, safety supervision, public security, environmental protection, transportation, police, emergency office and other related departments to act immediately organized a rescue team of 50 people, two vice mayor of Lianyungang also the first time went to the scene, urging the rescue progress, be sure to secure danger.

After careful examination, the oil spill site at the bottom of the tank, is a small crack. And it is this little cracks give rise to such a large security risk.
Firefighters first spray gun to leak gasoline, cooled cans, while rescue workers got three vats connected to the leak site, depot staff also prepared a lot of oil on paper, leaked to the adsorption of gasoline on the road.

Since the site was unable to plugging the leak, according to the emergency plan, the mobilization of the scene rescue workers tanker, tank carried on the mend now, obviously unrealistic, if not handled properly, it would be in danger of explosion.

Finally, after the mayor decided to arrange another car on the car oil tanker transferred, after two hours of fighting, things finally get security solutions.

Fuel tank truck for sale

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