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Summer tankers maintain little common sense

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-13
1. The interior thorough sterilization
Due to the hot summer, many drivers don't often open the Windows, and in order to fuel air conditioning wind is big, often only choose inner loop. In the long term, driving indoor air will become turbid, especially before meet thunderstorm high temperature hot and humid weather, bacteria breed more easily. The driver can choose interior cleaner or at this time to auto salon for a thorough cleaning tank car interior trim.
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2. Tank antifreeze essential
Summer cooling liquid evaporate quickly, should always check whether the lack of coolant. If missing, to replenish the same brand of antifreeze, non-complementary to other brands of antifreeze or water. Since antifreeze is the main working medium tanker engine cooling system, its main role is to make the tanker engine cooling system by forced circulation, tanker engine to maintain proper operating temperature. 
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3. The fuel tank should be parked in the shade
Although the tanker not life, but also really afraid of sun, long-term exposure can FaJiu, corrugate. Wax ordinary beauty, although some effect, but because any waxes contain silicon compounds, and ultraviolet irradiation will rust paint, leaving little black patches. And wax itself does not enhance the effect of hardness, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, will soon lost because the temperature was too high. Therefore, park should take tank truck parked in the shade.