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Summer special car maintenance instructions!

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-06

Below the small series to tell you: summer special car, hoping to help the users friends.

Engine temperature is generally higher in the summer, so should be replaced with a high viscosity grade of engine oil, and shorten the oil change period, higher drop point for wheel bearing grease, transmission swap thick in summer and differential gear oil, brake fluid with high boiling point of the brake fluid.

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Oil supply system is prone to vapor lock in the summer, this is due to the fuel supply system after heating, volatile part of light distillates into gas in gasoline, and gasoline pipelines and a petrol pump, increase gas flow. Coupled with high summer temperatures, likely to cause fuel starvation and even interruptions of generator. If air resistance can make gasoline pump with a damp cloth cooling cooling gas or vehicles to the shade resistance phenomenon are excluded. You can change the installation location of diaphragm type fuel pump, from near the back side of the exhaust pipe at the move to a well-ventilated area in the front exhaust pipe and petrol pump and add a heat shield between the exhaust pipe. On a gasoline pump into valve can also install a one-way valve springs used to increase the resistance of fuel pump vapor lock.

Air conditioning not cooling can be seen through hole on a dry tank refrigerant is sufficient, experienced repairman from bubble flow to gauge air conditioner do you need to add refrigerant. If air conditioning refrigerants are found lacking you should first check for refrigerant leaks due to studies, air conditioning more than 80% of system fault is caused by a refrigerant leak. Also check the system pressure is normal, normal pressure on the low pressure side of the air conditioning system for 2-3bar, high pressure side pressure 15-25bar, vary depending on the car. Air conditioning compressor under normal circumstances should hands can easily rotate, if tools are being fixed, you can identify compressor lock, must be replaced. If the inspection found that the HP special high pressure, low pressure side pressure is low, it\'s dry cans or the expansion valve may be faulty.

Vehicles running over 5 years vehicles to check these parts, it\'s change.