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Suction truck should not be too full

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-27

Suction truck is mainly used in some urban and rural sanitation sector, for public facilities, Shimoji suction pipe network, transport or delivery of other fecal sewage, etc., but also widely used in some farm animal manure pumping and transport work, etc. Wait. Vehicles out of the vacuum pump is mainly relying on the honey jars in the air, it can form a vacuum, atmospheric pressure using the dirt outside of the tank through the smoke pollution in the tank is pressed into the tank. Operation contrary is a sewage work.

Suction truck fecal suction using a vacuum pump time, be sure to use the correct mode of operation, can not let suction truck has been evacuated after the tank is still full suction, such an approach will not only cause fecal suction pump damage, in addition, the engine of the vehicle also will cause a certain degree of damage. Although there is a suction truck was fitted with overflow valve, but the spill valve main performance is to prevent suction truck full after pumping to prevent backflow to the vacuum pump, which is not a member of years, is because in the outside world factors leading to the situation in the spill valve failure occurred. Those suction truck tank has also been pumped full of smoke continues, it will directly from the float spill valve is stuck impurities in the water or float to squeeze the side, and this time suction truck dirt will penetrate the tank from which the gap out, if too much is inhaled impurities, will give the opening clogged pipe, at the same time will cause the oil separator inside the oil pump can not give again the supply of lubrication, and after a long, vacuum will be burned in the hot conditions. If the vehicle is already pumping the tank is full, suction pump manure or continue to smoke but it is has no air can be pumped, and this time there will be a vehicle generator overload caused by engine flameout, severe cases can cause damage of.

Therefore, suction truck driver friends, do not think to be able to rely on anti-spill valve to be learned suction truck is not already full of smoke, should be able to get a certain amount of time, depending on the dung through the observation window the tank has been pumped full of such a method is the most accurate and secure method