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Suction sewage truck stop with a period of six conservation measures

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-04

Suction sewage truck supplier
  Suction sewage truck sanitation vehicles belong
, in addition to doing routine maintenance, in some cases, some owners forced to suck sewage truck suspended for some time, then, should preventive measures in advance to take in the normal course of the necessary maintenance measures, so as to be in good condition.
1, finishing cleaning sewage suction trucks
Suction sewage truck parked in front, should the whole car wash finishing clean, do not leave mud stains. Tire pressure should be transferred cap, fill up the tank, and close the whole car circuit. If the park of more than a month, only to tire pressure adjusted to the upper limit, and should regularly every other week moving vehicle a few centimeters, so as not to tire due to a fixed position pressed forward, causing the site radiation wire deformation.
2, put the net antifreeze
Suction sewage truck before stopping, the net should be put antifreeze in the cooling system of all, let go of the oil, the battery should be fully charged off the trailer coupling, during the park should be charged regularly.
3, the car with a jack stand up
Suction sewage truck in front of suspended, the application of robust car jack to stand up so that the tire and suspension components are no longer the force.
4, ventilated garage
Suction sewage truck parked inside the garage should keep the ventilation, the air relative humidity below 70%. In parts of the surface and easily corroded parts should be coated with oil, grease or with oiled paper bandaged. For each of the pores on the cartridge body, it should be sealed to prevent air, moisture and dust into the house.
5, start the engine once a week
Sewage suction vehicles such as long-term need, the best time to start the engine, check the functioning of the engine a week. If abnormal phenomenon, the need for timely adjustment and maintenance.
6, always check the battery
Battery electrolyte level must be higher than the plate 10-15mm, less than should be necessary to add distilled water should be kept fully charged, if necessary, to deal with battery.
These are deactivated during suction sewage truck suspended conservation measures, sewage suction trucks for user reference!