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Suction sewage truck gear oil usage note matters

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-03

Fecal suction sewage truck prices

Fecal suction sewage truck

Suction sewage truck filling with gear oil suction sewage truck maintenance use is closely related to the proper use of gear oil suction sewage truck will use more long-term, the following is the correct use of sewage suction truck gear oils:

1, suction sewage truck gear oil filling quantity should be appropriate. Be sure to press the manual calibration using the amount of fuel added to the scale line (sanitation series models transmission gear oil liquid filling height should be flush with the lower edge of the plug hole).

2, various suction sewage truck gear oils can not be mixed. Do not change the original car with fuel consumption and number of different gear oils oil change, but can not use low-level gear oil.
3, with the air temperature should be used to adapt the viscosity grade gear oil.

4, regular change gear oil suction sewage truck. In strict accordance with the provisions of sanitation models use manual maintenance cycle replaced with new oil.

5, pay attention to the use of suction sewage truck gear oil seal member and ventilation. Transmission, rear axle and steering and other joint position must maintain a good seal, always check its ministries adapter fixing bolt and holding each vent plug (hole) flow.

Suction sewage truck prices and parameters