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Suction sewage truck engine cooling method

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-23

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Summer is approaching, you bikers in summer cooling, do not forget to give us a suction sewage truck engine also cool down the heat dispersion, then how can you give suction sewage truck engine cooling it? Here we introduce some simple methods:

1. We pay attention to see whether there is accumulation of dust suction sewage truck between the condenser and the tank, if there is dust on the cleaning with high-pressure air, a condenser and a water tank should always ensure good heat dissipation.

2. To pay attention to the subject vehicle suction sewage truck tank in Sheung Shui and water temperature difference of the water can not be too unusual, if the temperature is too large, to further check the thermostat and water pump is faulty.

3. After suction sewage truck hot car, carefully check the top of the storage tank antifreeze backwater, backwater poor or if the water temperature is too high, do not blindly self-demolition, should be returned for repair.

4. Do not Feel free to add antifreeze and other skin care products, skin care products are not standardized or add to add products incorrectly can cause engine clogging waterways and water tank will cause the water temperature is too high. It should be within a certain period of nutritional care to add.

5. refrigeration or air conditioning refrigerant lubricants add too much will cause the cooling effect of variation, can also cause clogging of the condenser, the consumption of the cooling system thermal performance, resulting in excessively high water temperature occur.

Suction sewage truck engine overheating, the cooling water temperature is too high from a whole car. Cooling water temperature is too high, the reaction of the engine cooling capacity at this time deviation. The main reason for the lack of suction sewage truck engine cooling capacity has two aspects, one may be congenital deficiencies, namely automotive design problems led to inadequate engine cooling, on the other hand may be due to suction sewage truck engine cooling capacity of the recession caused by the aging, so congenital lack of cooling capacity is very rare, mainly caused by the process of using environmentally friendly sewage suction truck engine cooling capacity decline; so if when using heat load is too large, the engine temperature will rise, causing overheating. Above is a brief introduction suction sewage truck engine cooling methods, the majority of drivers in the summer should pay attention when driving above problems