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Structure of high lift fire truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-10-13

High lift fire truck mainly three sub-types, they are: aerial platform fire engines, ladder fire trucks and lifting fire fighting trucks, they are born for the high-altitude rescue, we first take a look at their basic structure .
  1, the chassis: the chassis is the vehicle infrastructure, the main function is to put together the parts of the fire engines, but also play a supporting role.
  2, PTO: PTO can also be called force device, we generally called PTO device, PTO by PTO overall, drive shaft, hydraulic pump and pump composition, and in accordance with the PTO take part of the different parts, Are divided into four forms, according to different uses in different locations.
  3, frame and support foot: the sub-frame mounted on the beam above the additional frame, mainly bearing the car parts, but also play a role in support during the work to ensure that the vehicle balance in the operation. The sub frame includes four support legs. Support the foot by the horizontal cylinder and vertical cylinder to achieve retractable and retractable function, the cylinder also set a two-way hydraulic lock to protect. As well as each support foot can be independently adjusted to facilitate the adjustment to adapt to different terrain, the foot is generally equipped with a wide lamp that is safe to operate at night! .
  4, luffing agencies: luffing agencies have variable amplitude cylinder and balance valve composition, the main role is to lift and drop the boom.
  5, telescopic body: telescopic agencies generally by the telescopic cylinder, balance valve, plate chain, sprocket, wire rope to form the main function is to achieve lifting arm of the telescopic.
  6, slewing mechanism: slewing mechanism by the hydraulic motor, rotary reducer, rotary gear composition, the role is used to transfer torque, so that turntable rotation.
  7, turntable: turntable assembly can be said to play the role of connecting it! The upper part of the turntable carries the boom, the luffing mechanism, the console, and the lower part is mounted on the subframe.
  8, electrical control unit system: electrical control unit system is the most complex part, but it is also the most important, the entire system by the electronic control, security systems, alarm communication systems, lighting systems. The entire system controls the electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic to work with the vehicle.
  9, the hydraulic system: hydraulic system is the use of electro-hydraulic proportional control, by the computer system, electro-hydraulic proportional valve, pressure valve, flow valve, fuel tank, oil filter, hydraulic motor, cylinder, tubing, pipe fittings. To the computer electrical control, in order to achieve the operation of the vehicle.
  10, the working platform: the work platform is connected to the front of the lift arm, we also called high-altitude rescue cage, the platform has a positive activity door, near the windows of high-rise buildings, you can open the rescue, the platform is also equipped with fire cannon, Swing up and down for spraying, but also equipped with external interface, fitted with water, carrying water guns for rescue, the platform has a spray system.
  11, console: console in different uses are equipped with different fire truck console, but in the high-end lift car above, the basic can be set in all the fire control console, it has to get off the console, Pump box console, turntable console, working platform console. Console has N buttons, N switch, N light, instrumentation, display, two joysticks and other components.
  12, leveling body: leveling mechanism role is to ensure that the work platform has always maintained a level of state, also divided into two types: automatic leveling and mechanical leveling. Automatic leveling mechanism: The automatic leveling consists of angle sensor, control module, leveling oil cylinder, chain and sprocket, and the system control is electrohydraulic proportional closed-loop servo control system. The sensor is mounted on the working platform. When the tilt is measured, the tilt signal is automatically transmitted to the control module. The control module commands the cylinder to drive the chain and sprocket to make the platform rotate and self-adjust. Mechanical leveling mechanism, is a parallel four-side rod with the move adjustment. By the rod, chain, sprocket, auxiliary support components.