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Structure of compressed garbage truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-02-22

1, the box
Compressed garbage truck body with 8mm, 5mm, 4mm, 16Mn steel welded together, the bottom of the car is not only the installation of the steel structure of the base plate, but also push the plate to support. Lightly maximize the effective space of the box and reduce the structural center of gravity.
The bottom of the trunk is a fully sealed structure, the sewage is corroded, and all the water in the trunk is vented to the bucket body so as not to corrode the box and the car chassis, and to avoid the running process to the roadside leakage of sewage, effectively prevent the secondary pollution.
2, garbage loader
The hopper, the loader consists of a frame skeleton, a guide rail, a curved hopper, a scraper, a skateboard, a negative pressure plate and a light cover. Through the scraper cylinder, skateboard cylinder and negative pressure plate in the order of action, to achieve the material within the hopper into the box function. Skateboards are equipped with eight rollers on both sides, low friction coefficient, high strength, and can be used for micro-swing to ensure long-term use of the rail without wear.
The loader is the sealing device at the rear of the compartment, and the opening and closing action is achieved by lifting the cylinder, sliding hinge and locking device.
The bottom of the loader is equipped with a sewage tank, the water inside the compartment and the excess water in the hopper are flowing into the sewage tank. In the discharge of sewage tank sewage can be all self or manual discharge.
3, flip the body
According to the user needs to choose the drum mechanism, flap mechanism or hopper mechanism, the institutions use double hydraulic double-cylinder flip, iron or plastic drum and then flip the process by the system lock, safe and stable strength, reasonable structure.
  Note that when the vehicle is moving, the mechanism is in a rollover state for normal traffic.
4, hydraulic system of garbage compressed truck 
The hydraulic cylinder action of the vehicle adopts the circuit control air way, the gas valve control cylinder, the cylinder operation hydraulic multi-way valve, the hydraulic multi-way valve control cylinder movement. Simple and reliable operation, but also with manual direct operation of hydraulic multi-valve, with a single hydraulic system two-way control.
Hydraulic system consists of fuel tank and filter system, oil pump, multi-way valve, one-way throttle, fuel tank, tubing and other components. The power of the system is derived from the engine, which separates the power by the power take-off, which drives the gear pump.
The gear pump sucks the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank through the oil filter. The multi-way valve (located outside the cab, the front of the car) is supplied with oil. Multi-way valve work, so that the negative pressure plate cylinder, skateboard cylinder, scraper cylinder, bucket cylinder or push plate cylinder to produce action, the hydraulic cylinder does not work, the hydraulic oil through the multi-valve directly back to the tank.