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Structure and principle of operation of the hook arm garbage truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-01

4 * 2 garbage truck for sale

4 * 2 detachable garbage truck:

Hook arm garbage truck, also known as detachable compartment garbage truck. Tops in part by: pull arm master cylinder, attached to the frame, flip frame support

Legs (optional), lock housing, lock cylinder and multi-valve and other components. A car can be equipped with a plurality of bins (divided into boat Bucket, square bucket,), implementation and garbage bucket joint operations in multiple locations. Garbage bucket cover to open the door up activities,And with four locking bolt lock to prevent waste transport process within Garbage car lying on the road to open the lock bolt can cause the inner compartment disposable garbage dump out completely hydraulic operation simple, easy to use and operate.

The car is widely used in city streets and school waste disposal. There are special requirements of the user can be appropriately modified according to user requirements.

Hook arm garbage truck is our best-selling model, and the type of car is mainly used in municipal sanitation collection, transport Urban transport all kinds of garbage, especially for the collection, transportation, residential garbage. In use, we will certainly encounter some Trouble caused by improper operation,

Here I come to you on the hook arm garbage truck sanitation major issues in use.

Weight within the garbage car garbage car should not exceed the allowed range, otherwise, it can cause pressure in the packing Excessive damage hydraulic parts, causing light leakage, leather wheel slip clutch, the clutch can cause serious burn.

Before packing work, to ensure that the envelope is located between the sub beam stringers tail wheel vehicles, to ensure that the vehicle longitudinal The longitudinal center axis of the envelope coincides with the central axis, otherwise, it should adjust the position of the vehicle.

When packing work, may be appropriate to increase the accelerator based on the weight of the refuse collection vehicle interior while the car trash can Smooth realization brought back boxing.

At the end of the job, you should close the electromagnetic clutch switch, ensure electromagnetic clutch in the off state,In particular, to remind that when the car is stalled, and more to the electromagnetic clutch in the off state, otherwise it will cause the battery power Consume a lot of volume, resulting in loss of power so that the car does not start.
Under normal circumstances, not to adjust the pressure regulator, which have been adjusted before the car factory.