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Sprinkler water should be well controlled

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-01

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Water truck manufacturer

Speaking about water sprinkler control problems, this may be a problem in many of the drivers are concerned, because if you want to ensure a good state of sprinkler operation, so it can be a good implementation of the greening and environmental protection, etc. program, so long in use, the vehicle is required to take a very large amount of water loaded, then the sprinkler should be how to control the amount of water it?

There are some first purchase sprinkler people always have an idea that will be that the number of sprinkler sprinkler is the bigger the better, in fact. If sprinkler sprinkler large amount, then the distance is the road to the watering will be shorter and shorter, such a case will make sprinkler tank cars to numerous water, increasing the number of water, but in the sprinkler this back and forth in a process also will increase fuel consumption, so it can not achieve good economic results.

But how many sprinkler watering the number is not a defined parameter, but the actual situation is to sprinkle the ground according to the situation when the weather has been determined. If the road was relatively dry, so long it should be to increase the amount of watering, if it is in the storm, the road is in a more humid environment, then the driver should be to reduce the amount of watering. If some gravel and dirt more sections, it should be to wait for the sanitation workers finished cleaning the pavement after watering operations can be carried out.

But the amount of watering sprinkler can not be too large, excessive watering, is likely to cause some low-lying sections of the water, a portion of the water will flow into the water pipes along the road, which would cause the economy and virtually water on waste. In what soil sediment more sections encountered when excessive watering will be very easy to form a muddy situation will cause secondary pollution road surface, even under more severe cases may also lead to the sewer blockage situation. Wait until after the road dried, it will form a relatively large area of contamination, sanitation workers to clean-up work to bring a lot of inconvenience