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Sprinkler vulnerable components how to maintain?

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-17

Sprinkler daily hard work, wash the dust of city, time, vehicle there will be problems, especially the vulnerable components, here's a look at how vulnerable parts and maintenance?

1. electrical connectors.

Most car electrical connectors are used for copper and its alloys, Cheng Li summer sprinkles in an environment of high temperature, high humidity, and these connections may be loosening, rust, poor contact failures occur. Therefore, we maintain should be checked when components such as sensors, fuel injector connector.

2. chassis Assembly

Chassis more prone to problems than engines, but many drivers maintained when Cheng Li sprinkler, ignore the low chassis check. Location of the chassis are prone to failure is a shock absorber, suspension control arm rubber sleeve, Rod, exhaust pipes, steering universal joint boot, these parts in the maintenance of our need to do some checking.

3. tire replacement

Tires must be replaced on a regular basis, even if it is no good tires can last a lifetime, vehicles using low frequency, can be used for several years. Hubei chengli sprinklers needed on city streets every day job, would need to be maintained and replaced on a regular basis.

4. brake pad inspection

We commonly think of brake pads brake warning light is lit on used as a brake, but when you find the brake light when he replaced only when not lit, are quite dangerous.

Therefore, each in for a maintenance check the brake pads can be used, and change close to the life of the bottom line brake early, not only believe that the warning light.