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Water truck use and maintenance

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-30
, Sprinklers should be selected when using more clean water, avoid inhalation of large stones or sand, floating debris, and easily blocked filter. When sprinkler use of rivers, ponds as water, note that all suction pipe end into the water. If shallow water needs water in advance to dig deeper, to ensure that no debris and not into the air.

Er, sprinkler use should regularly clean the filter NET deposits.

Three, sprinkler water pipe system must be reliable, hoses should not be damaged, hard tube cannot be cracked. Water inlet pipe system must maintain a certain degree of vacuum, pumping water in tank.
Dongfeng 8 tons forest function sprinkler image
Four, sprinkler-suction pump when used for the first time, you need to add water.

Five, sprinkler nozzles before using low, close to the ground, spraying pressure, used for washing pavements; higher nozzle after and sprinkled the water is wide, used in the construction of water. When simple nozzle after use should be the front nozzle close to achieve better results.

Six, sprinkler use before the arrival of winter, water pumps and pipes in the water should be emptied to prevent cracking. After the end of the sprinkler, the water emptying pumps and pipes immediately, in case of trouble. Pump with discharge valve.

Seven, the sprinkler is in front of the water, or is in front of the water, power take off unit gear has to be at the Park. Slowly release clutch gear process as this may cause damage to the PTO.

When he was eight, sprinkler use transmission Assembly lubrication points should be lubricated regularly, often fastened joint.