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Sprinkler self-priming pump fault and exclusion method

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-10

Self-priming sprinkler pump is an important component, related to the usage of the vehicle, so we have to focus on self-priming pump working condition, the sprinkler is a small series of finishing below self-priming pump more common failures and their solutions:

1, difficult to start or does not start, and accompanied by \"buzzing\" sound. Repair small running bamboo direction quickly available when toggling blade, if the motor quickly up and running, illustrating the start capacitor or the start winding is damaged, you should replace the capacitors of the same capacity or repair the startup winding if motor issue, is the motor and pump mechanical failure, such as bearing damage, cards such as the impeller.

2, after power up, no response. Most is the power plug, power outlets and motor winding short circuit.

3, operation noise and vibration. Mostly damaged bearing or bearings and case mismatch, need to take apart the motor check, if the bearing should be replaced if bearings are lonelier, the mating surfaces of the pump casing can be engraved if the bearings run inside the circle, with engraved handle wear and tear on the motor shaft parts, wear, first turning after surfacing method of repair.

4, motor running, but slow rotation and chassis to overheat, burning smell. Mostly due to motor winding short circuit, disassemble motor, depending on the damage were used in welding, jumper, measures such as isolation, heavy around the repair.

Head sprinkler pump

1, case charged. Mostly water damage, infiltration of water through the motor shaft in the motor caused by deterioration of the motor insulation can be used to replace the water seals, drying motor repair. Is in need of attention, because long-term contact with water pumps and outdoor work extremely hygroscopic and cause insulation deterioration, in order to ensure personal safety, electric sprinkler self-priming pumps should be reliable grounding.

2, motor running, but the less water or no water at all. This situation should first check the sprinkler pump seal, check be sure to disconnect the power plug, plug the suction nozzle with hand, filled with water pumps, mouth hold exported tried to blow, observe the pump head is leaking, leak or seal damage. Common faults are absorbent pads, water outlet gasket, impeller cover gasket, repairs should be replaced. If there is no water, is a damaged impeller, the suction Chamber within and between water retaining insulation corrosion wear, pump water across flat, clearance between impeller and pump housing increases, you should replace the impeller and pump housing. Replacement wheel cross legged should note the complete removal of copper leaf remaining in the pump, once again, so as not to damage the new impeller.