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Sprinkler pumps does not absorb water do

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-31

Sprinkler pumps what does not absorb water, Hubei Czech often sprinkler manufacturers will teach you the correct treatment methods:

Dongfeng 1.85 cubic meters water truck
Water pump no suction water, then follow the steps below to quickly diagnose:

First check the switch. Check water sprinkler pump suction inlet and outlet switch is opened, sprinkler pump self priming pump, the first use of irrigation water.

Second step check filter. When poor water pump check suction pipe strainer intake of whether there is a blockage in the preceding paragraph, and then checked paragraph by paragraph into the water piping is sealed, and check for leakage.

Third check the vacuum. Common sprinkler pump water height should be less than 5 m, then check the sprinkler pump oil seal for damage, leakage of vacuum pump shaft, seals should be replaced. When the sprinkler engine speed is too low, not up to the required vacuum degree, to adjust the throttle the speed at about 1700 RPM, engine speed changes according to the gearbox.

The fourth step check the PTO. Check whether the sprinklers, PTO, PTO and drive shaft out of the pump does not work.

Syndrome differentiation of the fifth step to listen to different sound. Examine the sprinkler pump speed is normal, pay attention to any abnormal noise, whether because of debris around vane pump is not turning properly. But it is important to note is: detecting process pumps not idling for a long time, otherwise it will shorten its service life due to pump temperature is too high.

Sprinkler pumps without water, in addition to the above steps after detailed examination, when faults cannot be ruled out, then check for a long time is not too dirty cleaning tank led to the outlet filter or pump blockage.

Develop good habits is also important to use the car. Regular cleaning of water irrigation, winter sprinkler water and pump to drain away water, prevent the tank and pump from freezing, Frost crack.