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Water truck pump pressure to do

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-30

A, and sprinkler car pipeline filter network jam has, because sprinkler car pump pumping in of water impossible all is clean of tap water, may is dirty pool or pond in pumping of water, as water in impurities too more, filter network easy was debris blocked has, as sand, and plastic bags, and branches, debris, just to put filter network tee within of filter network split down cleaning clean, ensure smooth, can recovery normal of work, filter network of location in sprinkler car pump water mouth pipeline in the end.

Second, the impeller wear and deformation, resulting in water pump impeller rotation but I cannot normally in and out of the water, just replace the impeller.

Three, water pump seal cracks, causing air to enter, sprinkling pump pressure is low, the solution is to carefully check that pump at work have cracks leaking water.


Four, sprinkler pumps without water in the pump, pump mechanical seal in the phenomenon of water-free dry, replace the mechanical seal.

Five, shaft power shortage in the pump impeller is not up to normal operating speed, step on the gas.

To ensure pump has good suction performance, the following conditions must be met:

1, before the pump, stock must be higher than the liquid in the pump shaft, the pump inlet must be followed by an upward bending of the elbow through a horizontal pipe and quick couplers, quick coupler center line must be higher than 300 mm shaft center line.

2, imported pipe system must be airtight, seal is intact.

3, under the suction head suction pipe must be immersed in water to avoid air intake pipe.

4 export pipeline and pump outlet connection must ensure that the length of straight pipe ≥ 200 mm and bending.