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Sprinkler operation details of conservation

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-06

Whether as a sanitation job was landscaping, fire emergency, sprinkler and water needs, and we all know that long after contact with the water for iron would be a loss, so pay special attention to routine maintenance, parts must be carefully maintained. Manufacturers share the sprinkler operating components of conservation content.

     1. tank. Tank body is sprinkler car job Shi Sheng water by with of of, and water of contact area most wide, in for Assembly vehicles Shi, as has conditions can in tank physical brushing a layer paint, reached effective rust role, extended using life, tank body Sheng water job a time Hou, should tank body for once full cleanup, clear tank physical of small sand, foreign body, prevent on tank body caused friction injury, easy rust, on the prevent on access water mouth caused jam effect its work status and the efficiency.
     2. the spraying water. Including (the former two spray, sprinkle two, lateral jet shower, water cannon in the background) rust after a long operation, such as use cases for some time, the ducts should be a comprehensive cleanup, scraping rust on pipes and check for foreign bodies, maintain its normal operating state.
     3. the pump and the suction pipe. In the job must be paid attention to when, in sprinkler water, to see the suitability of water quality, the protective filter should do the time, prevent foreign bodies or large debris from entering, resulting in damage to the pump and suction pipe must always check for cracks, if there should be repaired, the extent of the damage should be replaced to ensure operational efficiency.
     After the job is finished, be sure to place the sprinkler body of water do not residual, or will cause loss of vehicle parts, reduce the service life.