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Special school bus technology to promote mature look forward to policy support

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-09

At present, there are about 233 million primary and secondary school students in China, their traffic safety affects the hearts of hundreds of millions of families. Private car shuttle is not an ideal way, not only exacerbated the urban traffic congestion, but also caused a waste of social resources, increased environmental pollution. Public transportation is not always suitable for low-grade students. As a special pick-up students of the vehicles, school bus in China gradually started.

In fact, the school bus in foreign countries have a more mature operating experience. Such as the United States, which has the world's largest school bus operating system, school bus operators as a government-led public transport behavior was incorporated into the social public service system. To ensure the safety of bus traffic, the United States
adopted a series of school bus safety legislation, developed a more comprehensive school bus safety management laws and regulations, school bus manufacturing safety technology mandatory standards, the introduction of the corresponding management policies. The government to promote the formation of a standardized school bus management and operation mode, the government finance school bus also has strong support. And in the United States, the school bus has a road right higher than the fire engines, ambulances and so on. These are to ensure the success of the US special school bus, safe operation.

But in the domestic use of special school bus is still a small number of areas, such as the Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, Deqing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province and
other places. Most of the school buses operating hybrid models, including micro-off, ordinary road passenger cars, but also the phenomenon of over-staffing operations, security risks.

July 1, 2010, China's first national compulsory school bus standard - "special school bus safety technical conditions" began, so that the situation has improved, but its implementation and supervision remains to be further enhanced. Experts suggest that government departments to continue to strengthen the implementation of the school bus
standards and supervision, and gradually banned non-standard school bus, hoping to meet the safety technical standards, management and operation of the school bus as soon as possible to put into operation.

In fact, China's school bus design and production is not backward, a number of domestic mainstream bus companies have been able to produce in line with national standards of
school bus products. Most of the currently available domestic school bus standard for the majority of primary school students ride a special seat and driving recorder, emergency
doors and other special security devices, school bus products in the safety and durability have improved.

Why is not dedicated to promote the school bus as desired? Hubei Changjie Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd., for the school bus, what kind of car to buy, under what operating
conditions to what kind of subject to operate, to take what kind of operation, the state can give what kind of subsidies, which is A system engineering. For now, the relevant national policy is not clear.

Should be seen that, after all, just buy a car, and follow-up maintenance, full-time drivers of supervision, line planning, site settings and so on a series of questions. We recommend that there must be a healthy, relatively perfect operating system to ensure. "For enterprises, we are very concerned about the national school bus for the entire operating system of clear attitude."

It can be seen, although the promotion of special school bus takes time, but the relevant parties have already begun to act.