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Solution of concrete block in mixing pump

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-05

As the mixing pump is the scene mixing concrete, mixing trailer pump will cause improper use of blocking. The following is a brief description of the blocking solution:
(1) Check the closeness of the concrete conveying pipe and the working performance of the pump to make it in a good working condition.
(2) Check the pipe layout, to minimize the elbow, especially ≤ 90 ° of the elbow.
(3) pumping concrete, be sure to use mortar lubrication pipeline.
(4) check the stone particle size, grain shape is in line with specifications, pumping requirements.
(5) check into the pump at the workability of the concrete mixture, the sand rate is appropriate, with or without a large cement block, whether the mixture of bleeding,grasping the end of the phenomenon of consolidation or, if any, take appropriate measures See the concrete bleeding, segregation problem).
(6) check into the pump at the concrete slump, cohesion is sufficient, if the slump is insufficient, then increase the amount of concrete admixture, or into the pump at the appropriate amount of superplasticizer, if concrete Cohesion is insufficient, then increase the amount of sand or the appropriate amount of appropriate level Ⅱ fly ash.
(7) check whether the initial slump of concrete ≥ 20cm, if the loss of concrete slump caused by rapid concrete blockage pump phenomenon, you should first solve the problem of concrete loss.