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Small sanitation garbage truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-30

Garbage dump trucks are also called hook lift garbage trucks, which is a high-tech design of retractable hook arm, to achieve the second trash box hoisting, since the hanging down, can dump their own garbage. The structure of the car is simple, stable and convenient operation, loading and unloading high efficiency, high degree of mechanization, saving manpower. A car can take a number of large car, in the loading and unloading of the transport process can be effectively avoided secondary pollution.

Small hook lift garbage truck technology:

(1) The two sides of the box to set two feeding port and feed cover, feeding mouth width 870mm.

(2) The feeding cover adopts the whole bending forming, the connection of the feeding lid is supported by the spring, the opening and closing of the feeding lid is flexible and reliable, and the rainproof structure is adopted.

(3) box as a whole form of closed structure, there is sufficient stiffness, strength, transport can not be flying dust and sewage leakage.

(4) with the original car and box used to ensure matching and dumping, no residual garbage inside the box.

(5) the trash box uses the entire seal form, does not have the garbage to sprinkle sprinkles, does not have the smell to disperse.

(6) anti-corrosion technology: passivation + primer (epoxy zinc-rich primer) + intermediate paint (cloud iron epoxy paint) + finish (white, green alkyd finish).

(7) The back door of the trash box must be equipped with a sealing device, and the back door sealing tape must be oil resistant, corrosion resistant, aging resistant, ensure no
water leakage, and the rear door and rear doors should have enough rigidity.

(8) box cover should ensure the hook lift garbage truck sealed tightly during the transport process, without producing omissions and flying garbage, dust.