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Six maintenance tips of aerial platform truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-25

Aerial platform truck maintenance is closely related to aerial truck repairing. Repairing contains maintenance and maintenance contains some repairings. During vehicle maintenance, a certain part or parts may be found to be a sign of failure or damage occurs, thereby taking advantage of the timing of maintenance, repair them. In the repair
process, some of the undamaged parts must also be maintained, this is a very natural thing. So, in our daily lives to how to care for our aerial vehicles, let's look at the following information together.
First, the cleaning maintenance of braking system 
Aerial each driving 50000km cleaning and maintenance time, or in case of ABS reaction prematurely, cleaning and maintenance once too slow. Clear system of harmful sludge paint, remove dangerous ultra-high temperature or ultra-low temperature failure to effectively prevent brake fluid deterioration expired completely replace the old brake fluid.
Second, the cleaning and maintenance of power steering system
After aerial vehicles each driving 40000km-45000km cleaning and maintenance time required, or encounter difficulties in steering system leak, replace the power steering parts, it must be cleaned and maintenance time. Clear system of harmful sludge, varnish, steering clear at low temperature difficult to combat and prevent the leakage of power steering fluid, steering clear of noise, completely replace the old brake steering fluid.
Third, the cleaning maintenance of cooling system
Under normal circumstances, truck washing in winter and summer season should be maintained once, normal driving every 6 months to 8 months cleaning and maintenance time, or in case of high water temperature, leakage, boil cleaning and maintenance time. Clear traces lead to engine overheating and scale to prevent harmful corrosion, prevent and stop the leakage of the seal and the tank completely replace the old coolant.
Fourth, the cleaning and maintenance of fuel system (ie, cleaning nozzles, valves coke)
Conventionally, aerial vehicles each driving 10000km-15000km required cleaning and maintenance 1, cleaning or maintenance once when you discover that the engine shaking breath, hysteresis and poor acceleration, smoky, weakness, oil costs. Remove gum and carbon deposits inside the system, to prevent harmful corrosion, prevent and stop the leakage of the seal and the tank completely replace the old coolant.
Fifth, the cleaning maintenance of transmission (automatic transmission gearbox)
Conventionally, cleaning aerial platform truck each driving 20000km-25000km maintenance time, or in case of transmission slipping, high temperature, slow shift, cleaning and maintenance once the system leaks. Remove harmful sludge and varnish deposits, restore elasticity gaskets and O-rings, so that smooth-shifting gearbox, increased power output, completely replace the old automatic transmission oil.
Sixth, the deepening maintenance of lubrication system
The main role of the lubrication system is a member of various aerial vehicles for effective engine lubrication to prevent excessive wear. Under normal circumstances, when aerial vehicles each driving 5000km- 10000km would need cleaning and maintenance time, in the face of excessive engine noise, speed up the weak, the water temperature was too high to be cleaned and maintenance time. Cleaning inside the engine sludge and other sediments, prevent oil thickening high temperature oxidation, reducing wear on engine components, extend engine life, improve engine power.