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Six common asked questions on chemical liquid truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-11

1.What are the professional performances of chemical liquid truck?
Answer: Chemical liquid trucks,with the advantages of large transportation volume,safty and low transportation cost, are applied to transport all kinds of corrosive liquid.
2.How long is the service life of chemical liquid truck?
Answer: The state expressly formulates that hazardous goods trucks would be mandatorily
retiered after eight years using. When vehicles are used for over eight years, you can apply to Vehicle Administration for vehicle inspection.If vehicle inspection is passed, you can delay retirement for 2 years. But the vehicle must participate in vehilce detection according to the specific requirements of Vehicle Administration and generally 4 times/year.Vehicle must be mandatorily retired after 10 years using. do we get a license plate for chemical liquid truck?
Answer: Chemical liquid truck must be anchored in dangerous goods qualified affiliated companies and uniformly managed.Manufacturer should provide with chassis certificate, tanker truck certificate, invoices, tank body inspection reports.Firstly,purchase the purchase tax.Apply for operation permmit at the Operation Department and you would be required to provide with three certificates of work license of general cargo, work licenses of dangerous cargo and escort license.
4.What is the national standard of chemical liquid loss during transportation?
Answer: Generally it is 0.3%.But it specifically depends on whether it is waterway transportation,rail transportation or road transportation.You can refer to the national standard GB11085.
5.What are the requirements for dangerous goods truck to get the license plate?
Answer: Vehicle should be equipped with speed limiting device,with setting maximum speed not be over 80 kilometers,and front tires shall be equipped with disc brakes. Truck with over 12 tons total mass and trailer with more than 8 meters long should be set with vehicle tail sign board according to national standards. All trucks should be sprayed total quality parameters on both sides of the cab.Tractor-trailers should be sprayed the maximum allowable towing parameters.
6.What requirements do you need to get your qualification certificates of hazardous
chemicals truck?
Answer:The article 11 of "Road transport workers regulations" shows that hazardous chemical truck drivers shoulb meet the following conditions:
(1) obtain the corresponding driving license;
(2) age under 60;
(3) no major traffic accidents within three years;
(4) obtain business road passenger transport qualification certification or cargo transport driving qualification certificate for more than 2 years;
(5) Got training about regulations, safety knowledge, professional skills, occupational
health protection and emergency rescue;Have the knowledge of the nature and hazard characterizatin of dangerous goods,the using properties of packaging container and the emergency measures in case of accident;
(6) Pass the examination and get the corresponding qualification certificates.