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Sewage suction truck winter maintenance considerations

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-17

China dongfeng 4*2 sewage suction truck

sewage suction truck compact structure, reasonable design, stable performance. Hydraulic lift dump function, easy to dump all kinds of dirt and clean; hydraulic starting after the tank door can open, easy to clean sediment tank body, coagulated and inside of the tank repair and maintenance; hydraulic PTO enhances system stability.

sewage suction truck winter car care and attention to fluid replacement and maintenance of the engine!
Replacement of various oil:

(1) using a low pour point, good mobility fuel. Low temperature fuel viscosity increase, fluidity, poor atomization of fuel combustion process tends to deteriorate, the engine start, power decreased, so that in the case of conditions should choose a lower pour point oil. The general principle is that the choice of fuel pour point lower than the ambient temperature of about 5 ℃.

(2) the replacement of oil. Selection smaller viscosity engine oil, at low temperatures, the viscosity of the engine oil increases as the temperature drops, fluidity, and therefore should be replaced by smaller viscosity oil to compensate or eliminate such adverse effects.

(3) the replacement of a variety of winter oil and grease. Into the winter to deal with transmissions, reducers, steering gear switch to winter oil, wheel bearing grease replaced with low drop point.

Sewage suction truck maintenance

Maintenance of the engine cooling system

(1) Check the thermostat working conditions, to ensure that the thermostat works well to prevent the engine water temperature is too low or too high. The engine is often running at a low temperature, it will lead to increased mechanical wear.

(2) removal of the water jacket scale. The engine water jacket cleaning, remove the internal scale to prevent the excessive accumulation of scale, affecting the engine cooling make machine temperature is too high, such as scale from clogging the drain switch, turn on the water does not lead to a net.

(3) filling antifreeze. The temperature is too low it and conditions permit, you can use antifreeze in the cooling system before using thoroughly cleaned, and should choose a good quality, low corrosive antifreeze, antifreeze quality time to avoid corrosion and mechanical phenomena occur.