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Sewage suction truck greatly reduces the workload

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-25

Our company introduces a new area separate sewage suction truck, consisting mainly of a chassis, vacuum pumps, oil-water separator, and so on. Is China's first batch of patented
products with independent intellectual property rights of environmental protection. The patent to fill the clean-up work in the absence of environmental pollution in the blank,
improve the efficiency of several times, saving sanitation costs. Won the same industry recognition, access to the community's praise.

Sewage suction separation high-pressure cleaning joint operation vehicle has the following functions:
Dirt slag water separation function
Secondary Filtration The discharge liquid has a diameter of less than 3 mm
Float separation function
Equipment automatic cleaning function
The principle of the joint operation vehicle, the traditional suction truck suction sewage truck, using a simple vacuum extraction, dirt clean-up is intermittent;
"Suction sewage separation vehicles", in addition to the use of vacuum extraction, but also added a spin-drying separation system to extract the solid-liquid separation of
three, to local emissions. Time efficiency of the traditional fecal suction truck handling intermittent decision, the process of cleaning, the transport time is far greater than
their own extraction and discharge of time; "suction separation of vehicles," on the contrary, clean process continuity, Processing with the row, each processing a car can save
the minimum 3/4 of the time, at least 10 times times the efficiency. Long work, a device can replace the 5 - 8 units of the traditional suction truck workload.
Treatment effect The traditional fecal suction truck determines the cost of transport factors, so it is difficult in accordance with the meaning of customers, handling in place,
and easy to form chaotic row of unhealthy atmosphere, not only increase the municipal pipe network and sewage treatment plant load, the formation of Secondary pollution, but
also serious pollution of urban environment.

"Sewage suction truck separation vehicles" The emergence of sewage sludge separation vehicles, to meet the needs of customers, to short-term high efficiency to complete the clean-up
operations. The spirit of "high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection" for the purpose of continuous innovation, and continuously meet the needs of various groups,
to achieve maximum efficiency, service optimization, the most spectacular prospects!