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Sewage suction truck - a good helper city guard

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-29

The development of the times, the process of rural development can be rapid. But also brought a number of practical problems. A large number of population to the city's collective migration, so that all aspects of the city to accept the enormous pressure.

Among which digging to clean septic manhole is particularly prominent , sewage disposal, due to the high concentration of the population, each year will produce a large number of domestic waste and excreta waiting for disposal, causing serious health pollution,Septic tank cleaning and dig radical approach is to extract septic tanks in the dumping of the dirt in the remote areas, and did not do a real clean-up, but also caused the secondary pollution of the environment.

Most of the rural septic tank Qingtao industry management is still relatively confusing, at present. Suction truck sewage suction sewage truck there is a problem. In order to reduce costs, there is often the phenomenon of smuggling scum into rural stormwater pipe networks, rivers, sparsely populated areas, etc., so that rivers, green spaces and roads
stink to the government's pollution control work has seriously affected the city Environmental health, public health and the physical and mental health of the public.
Changjie Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. production of fecal suction truck using a digital application of septic tanks and fecal utilization model, contributed to the rural
septic tank from the "active Qingtao" to "plan Qingtao" change, to prevent secondary pollution.

This will be conducive to the recycling of resources and urban livable level of the overall upgrade, and further maintenance of environmental health and city appearance.

Experiments show that the use of sewage suction truck on the spot disposal, not only reduces the fecal liquid transport process of secondary pollution, manure after disinfection after treatment septic tank, greatly reducing the discharge of organic pollutants, the implementation of residue Recycling, the majority of the manure are converted to organic