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Seven kinds of precautions LED advertising vehicle maintenance

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-07

LED advertising vehicles

LED advertising truck manufacturer

1.After LED advertising vehicles used up, it is best to park in the room, which can effectively avoid the wind and sun, parked in outdoor car cover to cover maintenance after maintenance is completed. To use the device at least 15 days 4 hours, car hood closed for long periods will cause a resurgence led module circuit board, causing a short circuit board.

2. 7-15 days with a body surface polishing wax scrub again, lifts part of the dust with a fine brush to scrub it again with a clean sweep after polishing wax, tires can be a professional tire polish scrub (be careful not to use corrosive detergent to clean), screen surface 15 days with a fine brush to clean it again (be careful not rinsed with water), the internal space screen 2 months cleaning again.

3. After prolonged use, the support legs, traction, steel front and rear axles and found to have rust, first with sandpaper after a clean brush on the black rust, paint and other dry completely painted over oil, to keep parts flexible.

4. Lift hydraulic oil be replaced once a year, 18 months to replace a pipe.

5. Front and rear axle bearings inspected once a year, replace the damaged bearings, and then poured into the car Universal lithium. Tire pressure to make up for insufficient air pressure control in 6.5 ± 0.5.
6. All wiring checked again a month, mainly to check whether the line has broken, damaged.

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LED advertising truck

7. After each device after use, all screws must be checked, tightened - including (hub screws, steel screws, steel lug screws, led screen box screw fan screws speaker mounting screws, etc.).