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Seven fire truck engines brake Precautions

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-14
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   In the face does not move with different environments and road conditions, when using a fire truck engine braking methods are not the same, the general should follow the following seven principles: 

   1. Driving should use more predictable braking. Where in high gear running, first depress the brake pedal until the vehicle speed down to 10km / h or less and then riding the clutch pedal, so that both avoid engine stall, but also play a larger braking performance; Where in low gear when traveling, you can be riding the clutch pedal, then depress the brake pedal, so that both keep the engine idling, but also make the truck a smooth stop. 

   2. In the narrow corners or rain, fog and ice, mud, etc. traveling on the road, can not use the emergency brake. If you brake too fast, easy to make the wheels from locking and skidding or rollover accidents, etc., not only can not play a role in the rescue, give yourself trouble. 

   3. In addition to brake failure or not to use the brakes, etc. is strictly prohibited by the high-speed direct shift into low gear instead of the brake. 

   4. The emergency braking, must first pull the lever parking brake, depress the brake pedal after can not be riding the clutch pedal or put the shift lever into neutral. 

   5. There is no need to fire the ABS emergency braking, try not to slam on the brake pedal to die, should adopt a "braking point", that during emergency braking quickly repeated several times under the tread, lifted, then step down the brake pedal. 

   6. When the truck side of the car or wading in mud, snow and other slippery road, you should try to avoid using the service brake. 

   7. highway brake deceleration caution. On the highway, use the engine brake should be used as an auxiliary traction resistance speed control measures. When using the brake, should take "Dragonfly ignition" continuous tread light, light up the brake pedal way to do so, brake light will blink continuously, but they will not suddenly decrease the speed, can not only play with the car row prompt action, but also to avoid the drift due to brake too fast to make cars, causing traffic accidents.