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Self rescue method of dump truck flame out when wading

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-28

1, during the dump trucks wading process, if vehicles flame out because of water, immediately turn off the ignition switch, do not try to start the truck engine again, the dump
truck moved to a safe place, as far as possible before and after the dump truck, which can enter the row The water in the trachea flows out to avoid damaging the ternary
catalytic converter and the muffler.

2, after judging, if the water into the engine internal, should remove the spark plug, artificial cut off the fuel supply system and ignition system after the motor running the
engine, so that the water into the dump truck engine internal smooth discharge. At the same time check the system status of the dump truck oil, appear foam, turbidity and other
phenomena should be promptly replaced. After testing the application of compressed air cleaning dump truck engine compartment internal electrical connection components to
prevent water accumulation in the electrical connections caused by corrosion. The focus of removal of parts are: fuse box, sensor plug, body water accumulation place. After
cleaning, the dump truck road test to determine the dump truck engine in the course of no abnormal noise. If there is a significant driving noise, check the engine bearing and
rotating parts of the dump truck.

3, wading If the water into the compartment, the maintenance process is mainly to clean up the car water, located in the bottom of the chassis of the dump truck has several
sealant block, open the plastic block to release the water inside the compartment.

But since the dump truck interior decoration materials to glue a strong absorbent, should be removed to glue, placed in a spacious space for easy evaporation of water, after
installation, but also pay attention to open the air conditioning, the dump truck cycle switch to adjust to the inner loop, Water vapor is discharged through the air
conditioning system outside the car, in the summer this is a very fast method of dehumidification.

4, dump truck chassis parts in the wading process is likely to cause deterioration of lubricants, especially involving the steering, transmission and other systems.

At the same time, should be in the road test process carefully listen to the dump truck chassis is abnormal sound outgoing, or on the dump truck chassis for careful inspection.