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Sanitation waste composition, working principle and maintenance of vehicle shock absorber

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-29

Vehicles can be successfully realized through the ditch and gully gully in the end is what? It\'s really quite simple, and that is the vehicle\'s suspension system. Suspension systems include what? Simply put, suspension systems include the thrust rod, stabilizer, springs and shock absorbers, damper is important to guarantee stability of vehicle components.

Thus, can be seen as a shock absorber buffer, when driving during uneven roads, expansion of this buffer to ensure the vehicle\'s stability in the following article, I will give you a brief introduction to get off with shock absorber, including shock absorber composition, classification, function and working principle, maintenance checks, and so on.

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Composition and classification of shock absorber:

By looking I can find that vehicle shock absorber is usually paired with spiral spring coil springs for use in not saying much, and when it comes to composition of the shock absorber, considered to be a Pistons, cylinders, valves, dampers. So, what is a damper? Understood only literally, damper is to provide the resistance, reduced energy consumption devices; simply put the damper is an energy-absorbing components.
Composition of the shock absorber

In addition, the classification of the shock absorber, the main difference lies in the damper, this is due to the type of damper there are many automotive shock absorber damper is basically in pneumatic and hydraulic types. Therefore, the vehicle damper is usually divided into air-damper shock absorbers and hydraulic damper shock absorber. With the development of industry, some models are also equipped with variable damping shock absorber, and so on.

Damper effect

Inevitably met gully and gully gully while driving or speed bumps, directly through the words will often appear \"click, and click\" bumped, so when the damper fully reflected the role when it comes to shock absorber, it is easy to understand, its main function is to make the frame and body vibration decays rapidly, improving the car\'s ride and comfort. Simply put, it is via the uneven or speed sense of feeling not so big ups.

Principle of the shock absorber

When it comes to shock absorber works, it is not difficult to understand. All know, spiral springs are impacted by external force will shrink or stretch, when external force to disappear so that the restitution immediately after, if there is no damper, when vehicles to rock body in childhood will jump; otherwise, would effectively reduce the intensity of spiral spring bounce, making stable of vehicles passing through.

A case study of hydraulic shock absorber, simply put, the principle is that when the vehicle is by pothole road, piston reciprocating in the shock absorber cylinder and shock absorber shell oil will be repeated from the inner cavity valve opens or closes to form circulation. At this point, the liquid and the inner wall rubbing and friction between the liquid molecules are formed on the vibration damping force.

Damper inspection and maintenance

Due to frequent lead from time to time vehicle shock absorber, shock absorber is easy in use of the automobile Dr vulnerable components, shock absorbers work good or bad will have a direct impact on the car ride, so I\'m going to check and maintenance of shock absorbers. Normally, each time a vehicle when carrying out maintenance, the mechanic will routinely check shock absorber

So, in daily driving, how to check whether the damper is in good working condition? There is a very simple way, and that\'s when vehicles stop, press down on the bumper and then quickly let go, if cars can have 23 times up and down, then the damper is not a problem in addition, emergency braking when the vehicle, if there is a vibration severe car, it is most likely a damper problem, such as liquid spills, gasket is damaged, etc