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Sanitation truck wiper blades scraping clean how to deal with

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-29

Sanitation truck wipers blowing rain, often scraping clean the problem.

Scrape dirty reason: mostly unseen dirt on the glass.

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One is parked in the central air conditioning cooling tower air, cooling tower water after tearing of particles floating down on the glass to form small white spots, dry, hard to remove;

Second, is parked under a tree, mucus secreted by an insect stuck on the glass;

Third, speed ran long crashing of insect body mucus.

Because of these things stick in the glass of water and cleaning cloths are difficult to remove (just see the glass formed on uneven surfaces. So when when using the wiper, scraping clean appears on the glass.

Measures: glass water wet hands gently touching the glass, if the glass surface is not smooth, indicating there was something. When cleared, you can try to clean with warm water after a few times, and then gently rub with your hands, you can also use newspapers, 1.1 will be difficult to remove the dirt removing well washed and then touch the glass, very smooth, turn on the wipers a try, will shave are very clean.

Experience may not be appropriate for other car scraped clean, if in the glass of water touched with the hand there is no feeling of injustice, you might want to change the Wiper Blade.