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Sanitation truck engine Burns oil causes and how to solve

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-14

Sanitation garbage truck and most fundamental way to solve the oil burning must be separated to repair and replace worn parts, this one-time investment a little, but the durability and reliability and recovery of the vehicle power is guaranteed.

As for the use of additives, it is only temporary. If you do not want to change, it is not recommended by additives to resolve. Probably several popular additives currently on the world (name is himself understood the meaning on the line, is not a formal name and classification)

Shaanxi Auto 6T compression garbage truck:

1. lubrication type: by increasing lubrication oil capacity, reduce friction, reducing internal friction to increase engine power. This additive is clearly not suitable for oil burning vehicles.

2. casting categories: soft metals or other special information (such as the early Teflon \"attached to the friction surface instead of the metal, on the one hand reinforced sealing, on the one hand maintain the original metal friction surface. Such additives may be at the beginning of burning oil plays a certain role, but because of its granular and random flow, easy to plug oil and taking into account the core, causing greater fault, in addition, because of its hardness, with gradual loss, also with the oil when the oil change exhaust, need to be added from time to time.

3. forging class: through internal engine work of high temperature, high pressure on the friction surface of metal forging, forming new friction surface, additional sizes, enhancing sealing, maintaining the original friction surface. This additive is now available in the market are relatively rare, if enough cases, you can add a temporary and temporary need to add.

2. and 3. two types of additives can be alleviated to a certain level of oil burning, but need to be reminded of additive for oil burning problem cannot be solved. First of all: additive prices are not cheap, if you often use long and engine repair costs but better engine reliability. Second: even forging additive, can only increase the hardness and wear-resistance of metal surfaces, does not make performance improvements and restoration of metal fatigue of metals, such as piston ring, even though the exterior coating has enough thickness, to compensate for the wear and tear of parts, but does not make its own elastic recovery, no elastic rings no elastic rubber band-like waste. Third: additive function relies more on high temperature and high pressure environment, the engine can provide such environment only the piston part and crankshaft, axles and other parts of bursting pressure and temperature are not very high, such as valve guides or pressure, oil seals and other location\'s temperature enough, enough pressure or temperature is not enough, additive role to a large discount.

So personally, I do not advocate additives to maintain oil burning or regulation, or to repair is better. Of course, the repair involves the choice of suitable technical skills, genuine parts manufacturers, this is very important, decision can be said to be used after the repair of the engine mileage the absolute factor.