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Sanitation garbage truck features and operation points for attention

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-27

Sanitation garbage car a car distribution more box sealed environmental, and can mobile, and removal province Shi no pollution, it is in recent years garbage car in of Chang sales models one of, sanitation garbage car manufacturers launched of garbage car can mobile type loaded garbage received shipped box not only achieved has full closed transit, and on sanitation workers for, now of received shipped box can shortened has removal time, daily can province out 1-2 hours, such on can more out time to for other streets of cleaning clean has. In use, we will certainly encounter some trouble due to improper operation, so owners should pay attention to the operation of sanitation trash truck which then?

1, junk car Junk weight not to exceed the scope of allowing the car, otherwise, the packing slip will result in too much pressure, hydraulic damage, light to cause oil spills, clutch wheel slip, which will cause the clutch to burn.

2, in front of the Pack, to insure the car's longitudinal beams is located between the Vice-beam rear wheel, the vehicle longitudinal axis coincides with the longitudinal central axis envelope, otherwise, should adjust vehicle position.

3, while working in a packing slip may be appropriate according to the weight of refuse collection in the cars to step on the gas, junk car be able to hook up the realization of boxing.

4, at the end of operations, should promptly close the clutch switch, ensure the electromagnetic clutch is powered down, in particular, to remind you when the car is stalling, but also to the electromagnetic clutch is powered, otherwise it will cause the battery power consumed, resulting in lack of electricity the car does not start.

5, under normal circumstances, do not adjust the regulator pressure, and this in the factory have already tuned the car.

This city mobile of "garbage room" by general public of favored, received shipped box can as a simple, and sealed, and beautiful, and environmental of garbage received shipped station, will these "garbage housing" placed in downtown, and property community, and life community, some trunk road near, convenient near of public dumping garbage, sanitation workers daily morning with garbage removal car will "garbage housing" of garbage shipped go. Junk no longer spills, sanitation workers are also much lighter.

The sanitation truck, green bins made of stainless steel, durable, green, beautiful and generous, can be used with the hook loader sanitation truck, maneuverability is strong, simple and convenient, the vehicle uses high-tech design of the hook arm swing hook arm, rubbish car of the secondary hoisting, and institutions the most effort. Simple structure, easy operation and stability, handling and high efficiency, high mechanization, save manpower. A car can take more than one hand, loading and unloading during transport can be used effectively to avoid secondary pollution. Trash place various waste management, is the ideal cities, villages and sanitation sanitation equipment.