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Safe use of mobile sale truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-09-26

Now we are on the road can often see a lot of different types of mobile sale trucks for sale, clothing, snacks, sundries stores, and even amusement tool. Since convenience store of mobile sale truck and there is no fixed venue expenses, subject to many chain stores and small businesses individuals of all ages.
Mobile sale truck, which is one of the most common parts such as: peace of mind earlier works, cold snacks, burrito, burger. Dining built electric truck sales processing equipment, easy to use, when to sell only need to open both sides of the booth, special-purpose vehicles such great convenience for consumers shopping, but also to businesses with less cost a profit. But the catering class electric truck sales in many devices belong to inflammable and explosive materials, such as gas cylinders, small freezer, etc., must pay special attention to the use of safety on the whole, but also someone to operate, to avoid the risk of improper operation produce.
First, determine their needs in the food and beverage industry. Types of mobile sale trucks sold more, some only a single mobile sale truck and car chassis, some internal dining tools and equipment are to buy our own, and most mobile sale trucks are purchases when car sales staff told the Special Purpose Vehicle equipment they need, by the manufacturer when the factory is equipped with good tools, the price will be more cost effective, but also manufacturers of car sales staff will give me some professional advice. So, before buying a car we need to determine what kind of equipment he was involved in the industry in the end needs, whether you need with stove, refrigerator, working table and other tools. Is there a certain amount of transport of dangerous. Vehicles will be parked on the roadside, or to-go stop and so on. These affect the security of our work and the portion of the sale of the car to tell the manufacturers who will give me the location of the stove design,stationary gas position, ready to stop the warning signs.
Secondly, compliance with the relevant requirements. Using an mobile sale truck also has certain requirements, qualifications must be in accordance with the relevant laws of the country to come and go, so that it can conduct business. If there are some dangerous goods to use in private vehicles, but also to local authorities in accordance with the requirements to get the appropriate certification, so as to ensure that we do not run late restrictions in other areas and so on. Advise beginners working on similar mobile catering industry friends, briefly whole we have an understanding must be in accordance with the requirements to apply, qualify and then started to operate.
Finally, the hand operation is critical. Mobile sale truck must have someone to operate, any little problems are likely to result in serious accidents produce, we also pay special attention to. Although the type of electric vehicle, but due to the road, and the area is not too small, so there must be a special chauffeur-driven daily work is to be done by hand. Only to ensure the operation was responsible for many, to be able to avoid dangerous.