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Safe operation and maintenance of stage vehicle hydraulic system

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-09

Stage hydraulic system of the car, the car is a stage "skeleton and meridians" stage vehicle lifting, extension and retraction of the hydraulic system are operated by the complete hydraulic system failure, the entire stage vehicle plunged into paralysis, unable to work.

Mobile stage truck picture 

Mobile stage truck wrok picture

Stage vehicle hydraulic system, by a vertical lifting cylinder, transverse tensile hydraulic cylinders, pipes, pressure valves, fuel tank components. Roof and side panels, link stage plate and bottom plate are linked by hydraulic cylinder. Stage vehicles have expanded form: single-sided expansion stage vehicle, two-sided expansion stage vehicle, launched three stage vehicle, which expand the use of eight-sided cylinder: top two, stage two plates, with four hydraulic legs ; there are 16 double-sided expanded cylinder; there are three sides to expand the hydraulic cylinder 18; more hydraulic cylinders used, the more tubing, tubing connections are more complex and require a good pipe design and planning engineers in advance a fixed position, so that the hydraulic oil in the most convenient way between the cylinder and the fuel tank walk.

During normal operation stage vehicle, the step regulations required step by step, otherwise affect the normal use stage vehicles. When the operation control button again and hold or release control lever linkage, while watching the situation unfold stage vehicle, such as the sides of the stage to start the car, the need to lift the roof, the roof of the cylinder by the two linkage control lever, control the two front two hydraulic cylinders and rear cylinders, hand hold a lever, press a, stop; press B, stop; then press a ... repeat this until after all of the roof going up, heard the discharge air sound, Panasonic lever, the safe operation of the first principle.

Mobile stage vehicle prices and parameters

Mobile stage vehicle prices and parameters

Stage car within three months, the proposed replacement of the hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil impurities, air, etc., affect the normal use; factory manufacturers have installed a sufficient amount and quality of hydraulic oil, taking into account the installation of tubing, hydraulic cylinders and other welded impurity or impurities within the tubing, customers in three months inside, do vehicle maintenance for the first time, together with the replacement of the hydraulic oil. You can use ordinary hydraulic oil hydraulic oil. In the cold northern winter, diesel, like, replace the No. -10 or more hydraulic oil. Later, it can be replaced once a year, such as more frequent use to be replaced every six months.