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Routine maintenance of mobile stage truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-10-17

First, the external inspection, inspection mobile stage truck.
Check the status of the stage of the car body, the stage of the use of the platen, the rivet is not tight moving tilt, the stage board with or without dampness The situation need to be dry, sound platform leg rails whether the loose light audio hooks need to be reinforced, audio racks need to be tightened, the stage ladder need to clean, need to repair the welding point, the stage car at the top There is no need to repair, hydraulic system screws need to be tightened, the hydraulic tube secret gasket need to be replaced, there is no damage to the hydraulic pipe, and so on.

The second step, tire inspection.
Check the tire wear, clean the luggage compartment; close to the tire wear marks should replace the tire, check the tires have no drum kits, abnormal main wear, aging cracks and flawed and so on.

The third step, thoroughly clean waxing.
Clean the interior of the car thoroughly; clean the exterior of the water tank, the appearance of the oil radiator, and the debris on the exterior of the radiator.

Part IV, chassis maintenance.
To the professional after-sales service station to mobile stage truck chassis for professional maintenance, check the chassis there is no oil spill and found traces of oil leakage, should check the assembly of the gear oil and the appropriate supplement to the chassis full of all the choke Of the fat-free operation.