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Routine inspection and maintenance of fire truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-02

China  fire truck export

Sinotruk Howo Fire truck

Proper operation and rational use of all kinds of fire trucks and fire-fighting equipment and special equipment, give full play to the function of fire engines, fire fighting and the speedy completion of an important part of the rescue mission. Here for the owners friends about the daily inspection and maintenance of fire:

1. The fire pump maintenance. Fire pump is the "heart" part of the fire truck. Fire pump maintenance directly affects the fire fighting effect. Thus, in the inspection and maintenance of fire pumps to the process carefully and we found that the fault should be immediately removed. General fire pump after every 3-6 hours, all rotating parts to greasing once. To regularly fire pump maximum suction depth, diversion time, maximum flow rate, etc. The main technical parameters of the test, such as the difference between the larger and the normal performance should be checked and ruled out. In the inspection and maintenance should note the following: If using unclean water, deal with water pump, water tank and pipe cleaning; foam after use, should be promptly cleaned pump foam proportioner and the connecting pipe; put the net pump , the memory of water pipes; water pump primer tank, pump blade storage tank, water tank, foam tank insufficient reserves to be filled; check the water cannon cannon ball or foam base coated parts laundering force promises to be lubricated with butter; primer pairs gear box oil pump and timely inspection, if the deterioration of the oil (oil becomes milky white) or lack of time, it should be replaced or supplemented.

2. The fire containment tank inspection and maintenance. Due to long-term containment tank fire extinguishing agent is in a state full of extinguishing agent containment tank immersion has some corrosion, especially for some long service fire engines, if not timely inspection and maintenance, rust spots will expand even through rust containment tanks, which will be shedding rusty water when being washed into the fire inside the pump, resulting in damage to the pump impeller does not work. In particular, the capacity of tank foam fire engine, due to the more corrosive foam, such as inspection and maintenance from time to time, not only through the containment tank rust easily, can also cause pipe blockage can not be properly delivered foam, causing the failure of fire fighting and rescue operations. Therefore, you should regularly organize containment tank fire inspection, if found to have corrosion phenomenon, should take timely and effective measures to prevent rust to expand. Common approach is the corroded parts clean, dry coated epoxy paint or welding. Other parts of the valve and the capacity of each tank related piping should be checked regularly cleaned, identify problems and make the appropriate treatment.

3. Check the condition and maintenance of a direct impact on the lives of the success of fire fighting and combatants. Check the condition of the main contents are: bolts driveline clutch, transmission, drive shaft, universal joint, reducer, differential, axle and other parts are loose on the damage, lack of oil; the brake pedal on the braking system flexibility to work air compressor, air reservoir is intact, the brake is flexible, wear wheel brake pads; whether normal working direction of the machine as well as lights, wipers, brake lights and other important parts of the work. Checking out the fault should be promptly removed, such as the clutch is not separated, should be timely maintenance adjustment shaft, universal joints, reducer, differential, axle bolts loose, tighten starvation when timely and processing oil.

4. The power take off shaft for inspection and maintenance. PTO and pump shaft is easy to use, is the key to whether the fire water and effluent. To check the power take regular functioning properly, with or without abnormal noise, in gear and separation is smooth, with or without automatic file off phenomenon, its inspection and maintenance as necessary. To check whether the abnormal sound of the pump shaft, the fastening member is loose or defective phenomenon, whether the drive shaft and bearing all ten bytes need greasing, tightening bolts if necessary lubrication.