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Road sweeping truck uphill and downhill attention essentials

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-16

Road sweeping trucks on the road downhill time to pay attention esta essentials. I mastered the downhill road sweeping vehicles use essentials handy so that you 'can use When Encountered Such a road.

Note essentials first point road sweeping Turcks Poe: The front slope and road sweeping vehicle rest stop halfway, you check the road Should Carefully sweeper brakes, steering,
transmission and tires and other technical conditions, add a little water and oil cooling. Must be based on the ramp situation, select the Appropriate gear When the road sweeping vehicle slope. If the climbing road sweeping vehicles longer, road sweeping vehicles When the engine temperature is too high, you select the Should Appropriate place to rest for a moment, until, the engine temperature is lowered, and then a continue driving. When the engine was underpowered road sweeping vehicles, Should prompt downshifts. As miss
the timing of the shift, you can leapfrog downshifts. When starting on steep slopes, after a case of road sweeper slip out of control Should be turned to the rear side of the backing, in case after road sweeper continue slide, you can arrive at the rear hillside, the use of the natural terrain road sweeping vehicles stopped.

The second point of the downhill road sweeper truck essentials Note: Before approaching downhill road sweeper, Should relax the accelerator pedal first adjustment speed to fly,
and the shift lever is low gear in September to take advantage Appropriate person of road sweeper engine braking is prohibited flameout or neutral slide. When Such high speed, predictability can be taken to brake to avoid accidents due to emergency braking OCCURS. Air brake road sweeper, must be kept barometer readings above 450kPa. Road sweeping vehicles will car downhill, uphill to give the car leaving the road wide, IF NECESSARY, choose safe parking place Should aside to give way.